Innovation, precision and reliability

Tinarelli srl began manufacturing the first packaging machines for the textile sector in 1988 and is now market leader in the design and manufacture of packaging machinery.

We offer you the benefit of our unrivalled expertise in the field of packaging equipment and machinery. Our experienced team of technicians and constant collaboration with customers have enabled us to optimise various automatic packaging processes and over recent years we have developed bespoke, innovative and unique solutions to meet the precise needs of our customer’s product and process.

Our desire is to be at the cutting edge of technology and we are constantly monitoring market trends and evolving to meet the needs of the packaging commodity sector. Our extensive knowledge means that our packaging machines are designed to provide you with the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Our continuous investment in both technology and human resources make Tinarelli srl the ideal partner for the development, design and production of customised systems to meet the requirements of each customer wishing to automate its packing operation.

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