Hanger-packs packaging machine for Knee-highs, Leggings and Tights (Front+Back Hanger presentation)

The machine can come in 3 different configurations, which can also be combined:

  • Machine feed with hand product folding (direct loading of the folded product on the cardboard-hanger, dedicated for very difficult products to be packed)
  • Hand product feed, with automatic product folding
  • Linking to Boarding machine with automatic product folding. Possibility to stack 2 – 3 pairs of knee-highs.

Front hanger-pack closure allowing Front-Hanger or Back-Hanger presentation

Hot Melt glue or label package closure (made by label printer or pre-printed label applicator)

Fast and easy size change

Max speed : 15 hanger-packs per minute (depending on the product to be packed and on optional devices)