Horizontal Cartoning machine for coffee capsules



Horizontal Cartoning machine capable to pack plastic, aluminium or compostable coffee capsules.

The machine can handle pre-glued cartons. Flap closing is made by Hot Melt glue machine.

Automatic product feeding linked to other capsule filling-sealing machines or through vibrant feeder system.

Intermittent motion machine with structure at balcony style, allowing best access for adjustments and cleaning operations.

Completely mechanical construction for a minimum maintenance.

Possibility to pack the capsules with different configurations that can be combined with each other.

Size change-over is very easy and fast with adjustments made by indicators. No tools are required for the size change.

The machine is PLC controlled and is provided with an operator interface by LCD touch screen.

Different options are available on request.

Maximum capsules arrival speed: 150/min

Maximum speed: 15-20 cartons/minute (according to the product to pack)

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