Cartoning machine for Folded Knee-highs or Stockings


Cartoning machine for hosiery: Folded Knee-highs and Stockings.


The machine can handle single or multi-pairs pack.

The product is manually loaded by the operators directly into buckets positioned on a step belt.

Loading area suitable for 2 Operators.

Completely adjustable machine, easy and quick size-change, no need to change any part.

Depending on the carton size range, we can offer you 2 machine types. See the size range list on the Brochure.

Special Automatic Version with automatic product Folding and Insertion into the carton

  • The machine can be loaded automatically (when linked to a boarding machine) or manually loaded by an operator.
  • Electronically programmable folding length, depending on the type of product to be packed.
  • Possibility to handle cartons with or without inner board.

Max speed : 40 / 50 cartons per minute depending on the product to be packed.


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