Cartoning machine able to pack Perfume Stick in Triangular carton and its Hexagonal dispenser


cartoning machine for Perfumery TP6 Tinarelli machine


Special mono-block cartoning machine for the packaging of Perfumery stick into a Triangular-section box and following introduction of six boxes into a Hexagonal-section dispenser.

Automatic loading linking to bottle filling machine.

Picking and opening of the carton from the carton magazine.

Introduction of the bottle into the triangular carton.

Carton closure, tuck and fold both sides.

Picking and opening of the hexagonal dispenser from the dispenser magazine.

Closure of the top part of the hexagonal dispenser by tuck and fold.

Introduction of the 6 triangular cartons into the Hexagonal dispenser.

Closure of the bottom part of the hexagonal dispenser by Hot-Melt glue.


Fixed size.

Max speed:  80 Triangle cartons per minute.


The perfect choice
for automating packaging process

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